2+2=4.  What’s this all about then?  Simple really.  In 2013 mini50 will begin a long and never ending process entitled 2+2 =4.  This process will begin by mini50 writing about somebody we love.  This may be an artist.  It may be a musician.  It may be your girlfriend.  It may be a squirrel in Princes Street Gardens.  Anyone really.  Well, not really but still.

The idea is that we will start the process writing about somebody that we love, respect, pester, stalk.  We will then ask them to write about somebody they love and exlpain why.  On and on we shall go, one artist leading to the next taking us on a magical mystery tour through the world of creativity and bringing many many wonderful new musicians, artists and writers to your attention.  So, let’s hope it’s a success.  We shall certainly try to make it a success and encourage all the people involved to spread the word about the label and what we are trying to do.  And you can too.  If you like what you read then please support the artists and let’s make the world a more artist friendly place.  Don’t buy that last beer.  Buy an EP.  Buy a book.  Buy a picture.  Support art.   Thanks.



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