Update for 2012

Wow.  We are truly terrible at using this blog.  No more!  This is all going to change in 2013.  We are going to be like rabid honey badgers in search of food.  Or something like that.  Whatever, we are going to make a much much much much much bigger effort to keep this blog ticking over.  Here you will be able enter mini50 competitions, find out about upcoming mini50 events and releases, see pictures of things that make us smile and happy.  For example:


So yeah, what’s been happening with mini50?  Well, it’s been a very bizarre year.  What started slowly and had one potential release in the form of Hiva Oa’s debut EP has turned into something much, much bigger.  Indeed we did release the Hiva Oa EP ‘Future Nostalgia for sale’ but rather than put our feet up we then launched their debut album in September.  Entitled ‘The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss’ the album has received world wide praise and we are exceptionally proud to be associated with this great album and band.  They release a single next week (10 December) ‘Badger/Urban’…both taken from the debut album.  These also feature on the EP but the release is more an exercise in radio play than something new for fans.  Still, a better introduction to the band I do not think you will find.

Anyways, after the album dropped I figured I’d take a wee break but then released the glacis EP ‘music for the animation Tohu Va Vohu’ which has also resulted in some great attention for glacis.  Looks like that EP might lead to bigger things in 2013/2014 so a very positive release, if not in sales terms!

Guy Gelem’s EP ‘Eighteen Minutes‘ was released this week and has already received a bit of press attention.  Again, sales are slow, but as we are finding out it’s really really hard to sell good music these days.  No matter how cheap you make something people still seem loathe to part with their money.  Physical still seems to rule over digital but not enough to always make it commercially viable.  It’s a chicken and egg situation really.

Next week, along with the Hiva Oa single, The Good Ship EP will be released as a limited edition(50 copies) 3 inch cdr postcard release.  This is very exciting as it’s a fantastic record and one that I would recommend fans of Hiva Oa do not miss out on.

And so into 2013.  We have 3 releases scheduled/planned though no firm dates for two of these.  Lozninger’s EP ‘A New Start’ will be released in January and this will be followed by releases by Old Earth and The Kays Lavelle though when these two releases will happen is anyone’s guess.  Old Earth in early 2013 at this rate The Kays in late 2013.  But we shall see.

And so, we come towards the end of another year.  It’s been our most successful and positive so far but there is much work to do and learning to be done if we want the label to progress/develop and grow.  And we do want that.  So it’s time to work hard.  In the meantime, why not download our winter sampler 2012 for a taste of what we have to offer.  It’s free – or by donation if you want to support the work that we do.

Happy Christmas to all and the best for 2013.



Future Nostalgia for sale by Hiva Oa for sale now


We really don’t write on this blog enough.  So many things to do and never enough time to do them.  We really should be sharing articles, music we love and lots more with you through this site.  I mean just recently we stummbled upon this site which is really great and that we should have commented on this blog about but we didn’t – until now.  So I guess now that we have, we can move on.

Anyways, HIVA OA.  Awesome band based in Edinburgh, Scotland – quite near us actually – have just release their debut EP with us.  Entitled ‘Future Nostalgia for sale’ it’s available to but here and it’s really, really great.  It’s available by donation so you can either snaffle it for free like a theif in the night or, alternatively, support the artist and the label by offering any sort of financial reward for the hard work that has been put into this recording.  Up to you. 

Anyways, support is always appreciated.  As is a bear falling from a tree onto a trampoline…..that was never going end well now was it?!

Please check out Hiva Oa and all our wonderful artists whom we love and care for and whom probably hate us like the awful parents we are.